Sunday, November 25, 2007

Guild Residential Sourcebook

Here are the images from my page in the new Guild book.  

Thoughts after Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving I spent a couple hours at a food kitchen. There was a lot of free food and the walls were a lime green,
which I loved. Since then I have been thinking of the satisfaction and fun I've had volunteering,
and the many generous people who've helped me. With that in mind I compiled 7 of my favorite organizations with links.
They are alphabetically listed and combined with my other links.

Organic Valley Coop, Family Farm Defenders and Sow the Seeds Fund have some useful information about farming and about the food we eat, that anyone can use. Aside from that I included these 3 because there is info and a place to donate money for the farmers in parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa who were affected by the flooding in August.

Second Harvest is a food bank to help feed hungry people. Restore is a store connected to Habitat for Humanity. You can donate things from your home: doors, sinks, windows, nails... All of these items are reused when someone buys them and they are kept out of the landfill. Jane Lachapelle McCarty Fund is a fund set up in memorial to my friend Jane who passed away in 2004. The donated money goes to help finance the Virtues Project.

I've included The Appalachian Community Fund, because I don't often hear information from this area. My Mom is from the hills of Kentucky and I have fond memories of the storytelling, food, music and more. There is a lot going on there and wish there was more news about it. A good documentary filmed in Kentucky about a coal mining strike in the 70's is Harlan County, later made into a movie with Holly Hunter, also good.