Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John Butler Trio, Treat Yo Mama

This is one of my favorite bands. They will be playing here in August.
Respecting women, great idea, ha. Now I want to ride a bike.

Dali Lama and Amnesty International

The last few days I have done a lot of different things, including seeing the Dali Lama give a talk in Madison. Before he came to Madison I helped get the Buddist temple ready, it was lots of fun and I met awesome people. If you are ever in Madison visit Deer Park temple south of Oregon. The temple is outside of Oregon in the country. There are murals, and lots of amazing decorative elements, it's a real gem. Above is part of the inside. The blue is gorgeous!

This month I was picked to paint an image along with 29 other artists for Amnesty International. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created 60 years ago, which is why we are working on the art. Each artist will represent one of the 30 articles in the Declaration. Mine is article 6. The art work will be displayed for their film festival in Vancouver November 13-16 and later moved to other public buildings. Later they will use the art for promotional material. Of-course I'm very happy about it and will start tonight. In the next few weeks I'll upload the painting.