Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Octopus in Madison

After the fourth of July I'll be moving to Madison,
where there are several of these Octopus car washes.

I am both happy and sad. Soon I will be starting a new job
and in the fall taking classes too. I have a pal/exercise partner
there, so we will pressure each other to be active and do a lot more
than go to work, how dull.

For awhile I will not be working on any paintings. Though I'm sure
after a couple of months without I will pick up my paintbrushes again.

Artist of the month, Dan Hardin

The artist for this month is Dan Hardin, a musician from Kentucky. He has a hauntinng voice and is an overall nice guy. Check out his videos on youtube
To view one of his videos on my other blog click here.