Saturday, January 19, 2008

Way Below Zero

Currently I'm working on several paintings and will open a new shop on another site this month. With that in mind I went to my studio space to work today, a lovely, but very empty big old house in Green Bay. It was so cold -zero outside and drafty inside! So I didn't get much done freezing my butt off and listening to what must have been the heater going, but sounded more like monsters, yea it was loud. To ease my mind I checked out the upstairs. Where was all of that noise and what was it? All I could guess were overworked pipes, that's what I want to believe, ha,ha. I wasn't curios enough to go to the attic (I could't get the door open for one thing,ha ha) or the basement.

Tomorrow's another day to paint and wear more layers. More paintings will be posted next week.