Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cell phone tricks

A few days ago the keys were locked in my car.
We tried to open the door
using my cell and another cell phone,
where the exta keys were located.
The person on the other end pushed the remote
on my extra set, while I held the phone near the car.
Oh-well, it didn't work,
so I resorted to calling a locksmith.
Has anyone out there tried it and had it work for them?
Check this out at Things you never knew your cell phone could do #2.

Brothers premiere, more snow

Tomorrow is the premiere for Brothers
at the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh,
can't wait to see the film.

A big snowstorm is on its way again.
Yes, I love snow and skiing and walking in the snow,
the shoveling and driving I don't like.
This morning I'm going skiing,
the sun is out and it's 12 so far.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Castle, 9x12

This fresh new painting
I painted for fun. I love old buildings
and the romantic tales of King Arthur.
Recently I've been painting abstract
for an upcoming competition.
I'll add one or two next week.