Saturday, June 7, 2008

Artist for June is Cathy Nichols

The painter Cathy Nichols is the artist for June. Click on the title to go to my other blog. To learn more about her go to her website:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

5 Useful Things to Know if You Want to Be an Artist(5 more coming later)

Here's a new video I uploaded on Youtube today. As I go along I'll smooth out the rough edges. Why is it so grainy, and my hair so dark? It didn't look that way on my camera???

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

5 Thing to know if you want to be an artist

Lately I've been thinking about all of the misconceptions there are about being an aritst, so I wrote down 10 things that I learned the hard way. Well I was naive about the whole thing in the beginning, but learned as I went along. Some people have a negative opinion and others a more romantic one about being an artist. With all of that in mind I've been working on a video to talk about these things, but have taken a time out from my camera, not doing what I want it to do for me,ugh! For now I'm writing these 5 down. There will be 5 later, cause that's how I planned it on the video.

1.Rejection, get used to it. Unless you are well connected, really lucky or a
marketing wiz, you'll get a lot of rejection.

2.Persistence, you must be persistent. This bussiness is more about hard work
less about talent. Like anything you must keep at it.

3.Bussiness and marketing, learn as much as you can. Read books, take classes,
talk to people, ask questions...

4.Write down your plans, what are your goals? How will you get what you want?
This can always change along the way, be flexible.

5. Have a website, start small, have pictures and a short bio. If you don't have
your own computer get one today.

Enough words, let's look at a pretty picture. It's another curious cow, they are the same everywhere.
Click here to view more of gardawind's pic's.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lost e-mails

Last week, sometime before Thursday all of my e-mails were lost because of a power outage, ugh! If anyone sent an e-mail last week, please send it again.